Ring This... Drinking Games

If you find these games interesting and have any additions or compliments, please mail me a short note! If you have any criticisms or complaints, feel free to open your window and yell in my general direction.

Let me also say that all of the links and games you find below were done by people even less sober than myself. I don't claim to be the creator of this drivel, only a collector, admirer and provider. If you are one of the drunkards who created the game, or are interested in my posting policies, please read this.

And one final big announcement! I've kicked off the new DrinkiWiki site. It's a wiki, and is intended to finally help you nut-jobs help yourselves! As I get time (and I'd welcome volunteers!), I'll be moving game content to that site, and replacing the game links to the DrinkiWiki. As that happens, the game link icon will switch to this:

DrinkiWiki icon

Don't say I never do anything for you

The Drinking Games

Thanks to your help, we have games, and more on the way! If you can help me fill in some of the holes in the grid, send me a quick mail.

The Games

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