The Hercules and Xena Drinking Game

by Artemis

There are several commands you must remember in order to play. 1): SIP - Sip means sip do NOT take a full drink and do NOT guzzle. 2): DRINK - Drink is anything that will fill your mouth sufficiently. 3): CHUG - Chug is put simply, a good 3 or 4 drinks, slamming it down all at once.

  1. Sip: Everytime Gabrielle says "Xena."
  2. Sip: Everytime Salmoneus tries to sell something.
  3. Sip: Everytime Iolaus uses his scabbard as a weapon.
  4. Sip: Everytime Xena kicks someone.
  5. Sip: Everytime Hercules punches someone.
  6. Sip: Everytime Xena raises her eyebrow and gives the look.
  7. Sip: Everytime Hercules smiles in a bashful way. (Lowers his head & looks down)
  8. Sip: Everytime Gabrielle sighs verbally.
  9. Sip: Everytime Salmoneus screams "Wait'a minute!".
  10. Sip: Everytime Iolaus clutches his belt with both hands.
  11. Sip: Everytime a cartoon sound-effect is made.*
  12. Drink: Everytime Gabrielle tells a story.
  13. Drink: For as long as they scream falling down a pit.
  14. Drink: Every time the You Suck guy hits someone.**
  15. Drink: Everytime Salmoneus begs for his life.
  16. Drink: Everytime Iolaus kisses someone. (Chug if it's Gabrielle)
  17. Drink: Everytime Gabrielle kisses someone. (Chug if it's Iolaus)
  18. Drink: Everytime the phrase "Join us." or "Join me." is uttered.
  19. Drink: Everytime the phrase "You're Hercules?" is exclaimed.
  20. Drink: Everytime the phrase "That's Xena!" Is exclaimed.
  21. Drink: Everytime someone uses a 90's term.***
  22. Drink: Everytime Hercules jumps over someone and hits them.
  23. Drink: Everytime Xena's Battle cry is heard.
  24. Chug: Everytime Xena defies large amounts of gravity.
  25. Chug: Everytime Iolaus flips over someone's shoulders and punches them in their face.
  26. Chug: Everytime Hercules uses a foe as a weapon.
  27. Chug: Everytime "No ...... were harmed during the filming" is written.

Evil episodes that I suggest you don't play the game to. *- Later episodes after '96 such as Black Wolf, Warrior... Princess, and especially The Royal Couple Of Thieves. ** - The Prodigal... the entire city of Poteidaia are the you suck people. (You suck people are the group or single "peasant" that attacks a warrior and continues to kick, punch, or mame their opponent repeatedly. We usually scream out "You suck... you suck you suck!" along with each strike they make) *** - In The Apple, Aphrodite can get you drunk just on this one alone, be very warned! This will continue to be updated as the series progress and new things pop up in all of our own minds.

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