The Repo Man Drinking Game

Originally found at (no longer available)

One Drink

  • Whenever somebody mentions the temperature of the trunk/Malibu
  • whenever Otto disrespects an authority figure
  • for every time the Repo Man main theme surfaces
  • every time Lite fires a gun
  • whenever a car is repossessed (every Malibu repossession counts)
  • every time you hear "plate", "shrimp", or "plate of shrimp"
  • whenever somebody is drinking a beer
  • whenever John Wayne's sexuality is discussed
  • whenever somebody disintegrates
  • when you hear the 7-up song
  • every time Kevin is made a fool of/gets hurt
  • whenever surf guitar is heard
  • whenever you see the CIA guys
  • every time a public telephone is used
  • for Archie's death soliliquoy
  • every time the Circle Jerks jeopardize their reputation
  • Pablo Picasso is mentioned

Drink twice

  • every time Otto unsuccessfully repossesses a car
  • whenever Otto drops his pants
  • whenever a liquor store is held up
  • when the issue of religion comes up
  • whenever somebody is doing speed
  • if somebody is disintegrated and only a smoking pair of boots remains

Drink three times

  • whenever somebody mentions a relationship and/or having a baby

Chug your drink

  • whenever a car plows into a phone booth
  • whenver you realize The Mighty Ducks was a bad idea

Finish your drink

  • when the Malibu starts levitating