The Dukes of Hazzard Drinking Game

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Game 1

as conceived by Jonathan D. Machen, Nathan A. Martin, & Aaron L. Wevodau
originally found at (no longer available)


We would like to remind contestants that this game, and we stress that it is a only game, and we would probably not rob a liquor store if Boss appeared without his white suit-and this game can be played using non-alcoholic beverages. We wonder why you would want to do such a thing, but anyway... here it is:

Take One Drink Whenever:

  • Bo leaves the keys to the General Lee in the car and it gets stolen.
  • Bo and Luke go skinny dipping.
  • A car chase occurs.
  • A car jumps something.
  • Rosco says "I'm gonna get them Duke boys," or some variation thereof.
  • Rosco says "That's a big 10-4 little fat buddy."
  • A door falls off a car. Two if it's a police car.
  • The horn to the General Lee is sounded.
  • Boss Hogg makes a reference to money.
  • A jump scene is stopped midway for a commercial.
  • Rosco does his little laugh at the end of a sentence, "Cucuu."
  • The name "Cooter" is mentioned.
  • A scene from the Opening Credits is actually in the show.
  • A road, other than in town, is paved.
  • Boss Hogg tries to frame the Dukes for something they didn't do.
  • Someone uses an expletive other than "dang" or "heck."
  • Someone driving a car slams the brakes in order to make 180 degree turn.
  • Flash makes an appearance. Two, if she does something productive

Take Two Drinks Whenever:

  • Anyone claims to know a shortcut.
  • Uncle Jesse appears without his red hat.
  • Cooter appears without dirt or grease somewhere on his person.
  • Uncle Jesse has to be helped getting in and out of the General Lee.
  • A reference to moonshine is made.
  • It rains in Hazzard County.
  • A sherrif from another county is involved in the plot, three if it's the sherrif from Chickasaw County.
  • Someone other than a relative of the Dukes calls Uncle Jesse "Uncle Jesse."
  • There is a pair of crooks, one being the brains and the other the brawn.
  • Bo and Luke break some term of their parole.
  • You see their parole officer.
  • You find it ironic that Enos' last name is Straight and he works for Boss Hogg.
  • Uncle Jesse says over the CB "Shepard to Lost Sheep".
    • Finish Your drink if Daisy repies "This is Little Bo Peep."
    • Finish your buddy's drink if Bo and Luke say "This is the Lost Sheep."

Finish your drink whenever

  • Daisy appears without her "Daisy Dukes".
  • You figure out why the doors to the General Lee were welded shut.
  • An attractive woman other than Daisy appears in Hazzard County.
  • Bo and Luke trick Enos or Rosco into letting them out of jail.
  • Mable, the telephone operator, is shown.
  • LuLu Hogg is shown.
  • Cooter says, over the CB, "This is Crazy Cooter comin' atcha," or some variation thereof.

Rob the Liquor Store if:

  • Boss Hogg appears without a white suit.

Stop playing immediately if:

  • Bo and Luke are replaced by the cheap imitations

Game 2

Originally found at (no longer available)

Drink everytime...

  • The episode opens with a car chase.
  • The Dukes decide to just lose Rosco/Enos/Cletus rather than pull over.
  • You hear the General's horn.
  • The General goes airborne.
  • Rosco tries to eat Boss's food and is denied.
  • Rosco bellows "Goo, Goo, Goo."
  • Rosco says "Cuff'em and Stuff'em!"
  • Rosco's car crashes during a chase.
  • Rosco stakes out the Duke farm.
  • Boss blames "Dem Duke boys!" for a crime.
  • Boss is holding/counting money.
  • Boss is eating.
  • Bad guys are associated with Boss.
  • You see Daisy's belly button.
  • Daisy is wearing "Daisy Duke" shorts.
  • Bo and Luke mention violating their probation.
  • Bo or Luke slides across the General's hood.
  • Rosco/Enos/Cletus attempt to arrest the Dukes and they run away.
  • Every time anyone uses their handle on the CB.
  • You see Lu Lu.
  • Enos gets nervous around Daisy.
  • Anyone besides Daisy changes clothes during an episode.
  • If anyone goes to Chickasaw County.

Chug if...

  • All of the main characters are in the final car chase.
  • Bo and Luke use bows with dynamite arrows.
  • Rosco actually eats some of Boss's food.
  • Cletus and/or Enos actually arrest the Dukes without a chase.
  • The Dukes actually commit a crime.
  • The Dukes spend a night in jail.
  • Bo and Luke change clothes in an episode.
  • Cooter's wearing clean clothes... including a clean hat.
  • Bad guys are not some how associated wtih Boss during the episode.

Tap a keg if...

  • More than three cars explode in one episode.

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