The Dawson's Creek Drinking Game

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Take a sip if...

bulletThe inside of Dawson's room is shown
bulletDawson and Joey sit/lay on Dawson's bed
bulletDawson mentions Steven Spielberg or any of Spielberg's movies
bulletDawson and Joey watch a movie together
bulletJoey climbs through Dawson's window
bulletMitch and Gale argue
bulletJoey and Dawson argue
bulletJen argues with her grandmother
bulletJoey insults Pacey
bulletThe exterior of Capeside is shown
bulletThe hallway or classroom of Capeside is shown
bulletJen complains that she wants Dawson back
bulletAnyone says the word sex
bulletAnyone uses a euphemism for sex or for a sexual act

Take a Gulp if...

bulletPacey complains about his father
bulletJoey mentions her mother
bulletJoey draws (2 gulps if it's another main character, 10 gulps if it's Jack)
bulletA reference is made to something involving Kevin Williamson
bulletJoey works at the Icehouse or Dawson/Pacey work at the video store
bulletAbby comes up with a scheming plot to get something she wants
bulletAny main character uses a big word like "pontificating" or "verbiage"
bulletAny main character gets mad at another main character (drink everything in sight if they don't make up by the end of the show or give up faith in Kevin if Dawson and Joey don't make up within 6 episodes)
bulletJoey shrugs her shoulders
bulletJoey and Dawson kiss
bulletPacey and Andie kiss
bulletJoey touches her hair
bulletJen mentions New York or her life there
bulletDawson wears khakis, Joey wears a tiny tank top or those cream canvas shoes with the brown stripes, Pacey wears a weird shirt, or Jen wears a slutty outfit (2 gulps if you wear any of these things)

Chug your entire drink if...

bulletAbby is nice to any of the six main characters
bulletJoey's dad get out of prison
bulletJoey gets along with Jen
bulletDawson gets along with Jack
bulletJoey smiles at something that doesn't involve Dawson
bulletJoey's ladder gets taken down
bulletJack does anything that doesn't involve trying to pull Joey away from Dawson
bulletJack understands why Dawson doesn't like him
bulletPacey and his dad get along
bulletGale and Mitch are shown doing anything remotely sexual
bulletJoey's nephew, Alex, is shown
bulletJoey and Dawson actually have sex

Drink Everything in Sight if...

bulletTamara shows up
bulletDeputy Doug admits he's gay
bulletJen sleeps with Dawson
bulletJoey sleeps with Jack
bulletAbby becomes a decent human being
bulletBilly, Jen's ex, returns
bulletBodie and Bessie get married
bulletJen becomes religious
bulletAndie gets any self-confidence
bulletDawson stops looking longingly at Joey
bulletDawson stops analyzing himself and others

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