The Charmed Drinking Game

Have one drink:

  • for each piece of footage of San Francisco. (Landmark building, Golden Gate Bridge, trolly car, Peirs).
  • if you see the front of the house without any sisters in view.
  • if you see the Buckland's sign, the Quake sign (inside or outside) or the P3 sign.
  • if you see the hospital or the police station.
  • if any sister mentions a relative who is/was a witch.
  • if Prue mentions auctions, appraisals, or her boss.
  • if Piper is cooking something.
  • if Phoebe borrows one of her sisters' outfits.
  • if Leo is fixing or going to fix something. (If Leo says he is going to fix something and later they show him fixing it that's 2 drinks!).
  • if any magical being (besides the sisters) uses their powers.
  • if an incantation is recited. (One drink per sister saying it).
  • if there is any mention of the Power of Three or protecting the innocent.
  • if any of the Halliwell sisters lie to Andy for any reason.
  • for every cup of coffee that the sisters drink. (1 drink per cup).
  • if you get to see Kit the cat.
  • if you see the Book of Shadows.
  • if you see the spirit (ouija) board.
  • if you see one of the sisters pushing hair out of her face.
  • if you hear any sister make a noise in place of a word. Such as: Ooh. Uhg. Grr. Ahh.

Have two drinks:

  • if any one of the sisters is on the phone.
  • if a sister is at either the hospital or the police station. (2 drinks per sister).
  • if the sisters use their powers. (Freezing and unfreezing count as one use).
  • if Piper or Phoebe are at Prue's office. (2 drinks per sister).
  • if Prue or Phoebe are at Quake. (2 drinks per sister).
  • if Prue or Phoebe are at P3. (2 drinks per sister).
  • if you see Piper's Jeep or Prue's Miata. (BONUS - See both together and you get to take 5 drinks).
  • if you see the Book of Shadows somewhere other than the attic.

Have three drinks:

  • if someone dies, demon or an innocent.
  • whenever you see two sisters hugging or walking arm in arm.
  • every time a neighbor is at the Halliwells or vice-versa.

Have five drinks:

  • if the sisters are talking to each other over the phone.
  • every time a sister is kissing. (Drink until they finish the kiss).
  • if there's a group hug with all three sisters. (just a joke, because you would never stop drinking...)
  • 1 drink everytime you see one of the Halliwell sisters wearing black.

After trying the above game with several different episodes, the average number of drinks taken was 115 in an hour...45 minutes without commercials!!

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