The Angel Drinking Game

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Created by Kate Bolin, with help from the good people in the Angel Mighty Big TV Posting Board.
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The rules are pretty simple. You take a drink each time something on this list appears. The choice of drink is, of course, yours to make, but if you use this as an excuse to get wasted when you're underage, then you're just an idiot. There's a time and a place for everything, and that's called college. So chug Dew or coffee or whatever, but hold off on the Jagermeister until then, m'kay?

Right, so, here we go...

Drink when:

  • Every scene in which a blond woman appears.
  • Any mention of Angel's hair.
  • Any time Wesley has on his cream banana plantation suit.
  • Any time Cordelia's shirt has a back.
  • Any time Ms. "I'm so poor!" Chase is wearing a designer gown.
  • Any time someone makes a comment about Angel being attractive in some way or form. (A drink and a shout of "Homoeroticism - yay!" if it's a man.)
  • Any time they use a demon database, Search Engine of Doom, or other such obscure database that could, in no way, actually exist.
  • Any time there's a mention of coffee. (To get really elaborate, get out the Kalhua or coffee with amaretto cream/Baileys for this one.)
  • Any time Angel or the gang go clubbing.
  • Any time Wesley does something rather brave. (Because to drink when he wimps out would result in liver damage.)
  • Any time Angel is not wearing black.
  • Any time Angel is in a wifebeater/undershirt. (No drinking when he's topless, unless you need to ease the pain.)
  • A reference is made to Sunnydale or Buffy. (Obnoxious crossover events are off limits for this one, yet again, for the sake of your liver.)
  • Any time Kate saves Angel's sorry sorry ass.
  • Any time Angel's hair is forcibly slicked down, whether in Demon!Nazi form or celebrity!schmooze form.
  • Any time you feel that it's a shout-out to someone on MBTV.
  • Any time that the plot, or the acting, or the characterization, or anything just gets so hackneyed and painful that you simply must take a drink to watch.